How to Keep Motivated as a Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a career that can be difficult to get into initially, and even harder to maintain an income. After all, it is filled with rejections and uncertainty. Even the most experienced of freelancers can get frustrated by the continual search for work and dealing with client’s objections.

As with every other area of life, attitude is everything with freelancing. How can freelancers keep motivated to continue? Here are some thoughts.

Writer’s Groups Can Help Freelancers Stay Upbeat and Positive

Writers typically work alone, so having other likeminded people around to understand and support you is an important part of succeeding as a freelancer. If you’re not able to hang out with writers face-to-face, an online forum can work just as well. A search for “writers” on Facebook can help you find groups that can also lend support.

How to Keep Motivated as Freelance Writer

The key to being successful in a writer’s group or forum is to listen and provide support for others. The more genuine a friend you are to other writers, the more support you will receive in return. This is something that can’t be faked, so take some time to get to know your fellow writers in order to reap the benefits of their understanding and advice.

Learn How to Work More Efficiently as a Freelancer

When you write for multiple blogs, clients, or assignments, you can quickly get overwhelmed. Organizing your day is a crucial part of the freelance life and can help you remain motivated to accomplish your writing goals. To make better use of your time, learn to write in chunks.

For example, rather than writing a blog entry, posting a link to Facebook, and then checking email simultaneously, opt to write three or four blog entries at once. Try and post ahead to the extent that you can. You’ll actually take less time to write three quick posts than you will continually going back and forth each time you have an assignment or idea.

Email can also derail your time, so only check it once or twice a day, as opposed to having it open throughout. This way you can quickly respond to items or delete them, saving yourself time. Doing this will help you feel more in control of your day and more motivated to get your work done.

Avoid Taking Lower Freelance Writing Jobs

Nothing is more frustrating than working all day and having little income to show for it. Writing large quantities of articles each and every day can quickly leave you feeling unmotivated. To avoid this, search for the highest paying jobs you can find. If you need to take a break and get a part time job for awhile, it is better than giving up freelance work entirely.

Find Clients You Enjoy Working With

Difficult and demanding clients can push your patience to the limit, especially if they pay slowly or require rework. Always reevaluate your client list so when you do add new people you can end a few poor client relationships. Any time you take a new job, look through the work you currently have to make sure you have the clients and work assignments that make you happy.

Take Time Away from Work

Freelancers have a tendency to log long hours, especially when they work in a telecommute arrangement. It’s important to take breaks throughout the day. Take a quick break every hour where you get up, stretch your legs, and allow your body to move. Focus your vision on something else besides a computer for a few minutes and allow your mind to wander.

Being a freelancer gives you freedom of choice in assignments and work schedule. However, the freelance life can also leave you feeling tired and unmotivated at times. Realize that this feeling is natural and with some of the suggestions above, you can better deal with the ebbs and flows of the freelance life.